SCHMIDT Technology



Are you an official service center for Schmidt Presses?

Yes. Schmidt Technology GmbH appointed NIXMA as the official Service Center for all Schmidt Press customers across Asia.

Why should I choose for an official service center?

As an authorized service center we have a direct communication line with Schmidt Technology GmbH to solve all service requests with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Can my local distributor provide calibration and other maintenance services?

No. Your local distributor is not authorized by Schmidt Technology GmbH to provide these or any other services. If they do it might jeopardize your warranty. Neither can they provide official calibration certificates which are in compliance with ISO and other industry standards.

Is there a standard fee for press calibration?

Yes. Our standard fee for calibration is 280 USD if it’s done at the Schmidt Service Center Asia. This does not include shipping costs, extra unplanned work, other maintenance services and/or repairs required to do the calibration. For on-site calibration at customer location, fees will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Can I have technical support in my native language?

At the moment we can provide support in the following languages; English, Thai, Mandarin, Malay, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Dutch.

Who is the NIXMA group?

NIXMA is active in research and development of niche capital equipment for a variety of industries worldwide. Schmidt Service Center Asia is one of the services provided by NIXMA. Visit for more information about other products, solutions and services available.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters is based in Thailand where we have our precision machining, manufacturing and service center facilities. In Malaysia we have a sales office, service center and manufacturing site. In India we have a sales office and a service center to support our customers.

Can I contact your head office directly for a service request?

No. We only process your service request through this website to ensure we have all required information. This ensures the highest level of professional service.

Can I contact your subsidiaries directly to make a service request?

No. Schmidt Service Requests will only be processed by our head office in Thailand through this website. This ensures a prompt and efficient approach towards your service request with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.


Do I have to make my service request in English?

Yes. All incoming requests will be processed in English only, and then assigned to a service engineer who is best suited for the service task.

Are all questions in the form required?

Yes. All questions are mandatory and ensure we have the right information to process your service request and provide the highest level of professional service.

I don’t understand all questions. Who can I ask?

Please click on the question mark next to the title for more information. If certain questions are still not clear to you, contact


Can I rent a press while mine is in service?

Yes. We provide certain press types for rent so you are able to continue with your production. Please download our Press Rentals catalog. To inquire about press availability, please contact

What is the cost for Press Rentals?

The rental cost depends on the press type and rental duration. Please contact with your inquiry.


Do you also sell Schmidt Presses?

NIXMA develops and integrates Turn-Key Schmidt Press Solutions for Asia. If you need a partner that’s able to provide a total (one-stop-shop) solution for your press assembly requirements, please contact with your inquiry.